Take pleasure in a deep dive on the Koenigsegg Jesko’s 1,600-hp V-8

The Koenigsegg Jesko hypercar is stuffed with ingenuity, together with a high-revving twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter and ultra-fast Gentle Velocity Transmission. In a lately launched video, firm founder Christian von Koenigsegg walks us by means of the meeting of those parts.

Each the engine and 9-speed transmission are assembled in a clear room on the firm’s headquarters in Ängelholm, Sweden. One individual can assemble one transmission or engine per week. For the transmission, the job contains becoming intricate valves that direct transmission fluid, in addition to shafts and bearings that maintain the gears. There is not any flywheel although; clutch packs shut as much as ship energy to the rear wheels.

The Jesko engine is among the many world’s strongest productions engine, because of an output of 1,600 hp on E85 gas and 1,280 hp on pump gasoline. It is also considered one of the quickest revving. Koenigsegg beforehand confirmed that this engine can rev from idle to 7,800 rpm in simply 213 milliseconds (redline is at 8,500 rpm).

Getting a lot energy from a 5.0-liter engine means immensely excessive cylinder pressures, von Koenigsegg says within the video, one thing the engine internals needed to be specifically designed to deal with. Engineers did not ignore aesthetics both. Every piston has a Koenigsegg brand etched in its ceramic coating, one thing solely seen when the engine is opened up for servicing. 

Additional alongside within the meeting course of, the engine is fitted with its 3D-printed Inconel exhaust headers and turbos. Regardless of being turbocharged, von Koenigsegg says the Jesko engine was designed to sound naturally aspirated, achieved by contemplating not solely the exhaust system but in addition the position of the turbos.

Koenigsegg is endeavor a main plant growth that may accommodate manufacturing of each the Jesko and the brand new Gemera, a four-seat hypercar first proven in 2020 with a 1,700-hp hybrid powertrain consisting of a 3-cylinder engine and a trio of electrical motors. Koenigsegg earlier this 12 months introduced that the Gemera may even provide a V-8 hybrid powertrain, boosting output to 2,300 hp.