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How to Future-Proof Your Social Strategy

Author: admin - 4 minute

Time and again marketers are hit with simplistic phrases that lack a much-needed holistic approach to social. “Organic social doesn’t deliver tangible results.” “Your social marketing should be...

YouTube Trends Shaping the Future of Video Marketing

Author: admin - 4 minutes 7 seconds

Video is driving the future of content marketing as consumers spend more of their time on YouTube and TikTok. Gen Z is already coming of age as a key consumer demographic and brands need to develop a video m...

Travel Brands Are Missing a Trick by Underusing Influencers – But They Have to Do It Right

Author: admin - 3 minutes 38 seconds

Here’s a stat that might surprise you. Travel is outpacing all other sectors for year-on-year search volume growth in the UK. That’s according to recent data from MediaVision. On the surface, a cos...

How TikTok is Redefining the Way We Search

Author: admin - 3 minute

Ask any millennial or older internet user their go-to app when searching for a business and the answer would probably be Google. But for an increasing number of young people, the answer is TikTok or Instagram. L...

Will These 5 Updates to Instagram Reels Boost Engagement and Trend Discovery?

Author: admin - 3 minutes 28 seconds

Instagram recently rolled out a host of updates for Reels, all with a view to helping creators leverage the latest trends to maximise engagement and build and strengthen the community around their content. But...

How the Washington Post Is Reimagining Journalism on TikTok

Author: admin - 3 minutes 52 seconds

For news outlets, the ever-changing media landscape has never been more apparent. With publishing giants Buzzfeed News and Vice struggling, and TikTok continuing to dominate for Gen Z, it seems we’re enteri...

The Biggest Changes Elon Musk Has Made To Twitter So Far

Author: admin - 3 minutes 47 seconds

It can be difficult to take a guess at what Elon Musk will do next. Over the past few years, he’s become somewhat of an international man of mystery. No one can ever predict what his next venture will be, or why...

Why Do Advertisers Now Have to Subscribe to Twitter Blue?

Author: admin - 2 minutes 3 seconds

As a marketer, it’s pretty likely by now you’ve noticed the rise in paid verification on social media. Certainly clients at my performance marketing agency, Pixated, have had to respond fast by adapti...